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Microsoft to kill Tag barcode program, license technology out

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microsoft tag
microsoft tag

Microsoft is to shut down Tag, a type of barcode technology not too dissimilar to QR codes, in 2015. The technology is a form of High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB), and allows for a higher density of information to be stored in a smaller space when compared to QR codes, in addition to tracking and analytics. Although Tag failed to gain mass-market adoption, Microsoft currently facilitates Tag reading through apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android — Tag reader was the company's first Android app — and will continue to support the platform through to August 19th 2015.

Despite in-house development and support for the barcodes coming to an end, Microsoft has licensed the technology to mobile company Scanbuy. Tag will be integrated into Scanbuy's ScanLife platform next month, which Microsoft says gives customers "ample time to plan their transition" away from the Microsoft-supported service. The company says it "still believes that Tag is an important digital technology," but notes that running Tag "does not align with other initiatives and priorities."