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LinkedIn turns college matchmaker with new University Pages

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linkedin university
linkedin university

LinkedIn, the social network that aims to link professionals with potential employers, is expanding its reach with University Pages. The new feature lets colleges set up profiles on the network, allowing students to explore each institution's background. The profiles will include information on the college, its campuses, and notable alumni, helping prospective students to engage with "both the campus community and alumni." The overarching concept is to allow high schoolers to look into where students from different colleges have ended up in life, and explore how a college might help them towards achieving their career goals. Existing users with an educational history linked to a participating institution will be able to join in, comment, and answer queries about the college in question.

College matchmaking is big business and a logical progression for LinkedIn. The professional social network has over 225 million users worldwide, with Quantcast figures revealing 61.5 million Americans have visited the site over the past month. To facilitate the move into colleges, from September 12th LinkedIn will now be available to high school students, although the minimum age requirement varies from country to country.