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Timely is the best-looking alarm clock you can get on Android

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Timely Alarm for Android
Timely Alarm for Android

Alarm clock apps are nearly as common and as popular as weather apps, and while many people might argue that the phone's built-in alarm clock works just fine, there are a number of well-designed options for those looking for a little more. Rise is one of our favorites on iOS, and Timely brings much of Rise's clean design to Android, while adding a few more features to boot.

Timely offers a crisp, typography-focused design and fun, gesture-based interface. Like Rise, you can set your alarm time by dragging your finger up and down the display to the appropriate time slot. Timely offers a host of themes and sounds that you can unlock with in-app purchases if you desire, and it features Smart Rise, which will trigger a slowly fading melody 30 minutes before your set alarm time in an effort to catch you in a light sleep cycle. You can snooze your alarm via the giant on-screen button, by pressing the volume keys, or by flipping your device over, and you can control the length of time in between snoozes. Timely even has the ability to shrink the snooze duration between consecutive snoozes if you are really unable to get out of bed. In addition to an alarm, Timely also has a built-in timer and stopwatch; support for Android's Daydream screensaver mode; a DashClock extension; integration with Google Now; and the ability to sync your saved alarms across multiple devices.

Timely's extensive feature set makes it an easy choice for an alarm clock, but its clean design and fun animations make it a joy to use as well. Timely is available for free in the Google Play Store now.

Thanks, Jonathan!