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Barnes & Noble launches Nook Video apps for iOS, Android, and Roku

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Nook Video for iOS
Nook Video for iOS

Nook tablets aren't long for this world — at least those manufactured by Barnes & Noble. But even as the troubled retailer shifts focus back to e-readers and away from tablets, it's still taking new steps to expand the Nook ecosystem. Today Barnes & Noble released Nook Video apps for iOS, Android, and Roku's streaming boxes. With the new apps, you'll be able to stream or download movies and TV shows purchased from Nook Video also doubles as an UltraViolet player; after linking a UV account to Barnes & Noble (not exactly a straightforward process) users can access an existing digital library. Before any of that, though, you'll need an account with Barnes & Noble to even use the app. Unfortunately, whereas Android users can make rentals and purchases directly within the app, iOS devices aren't afforded the same luxury — a restriction imposed by Apple's developer guidelines. Nook Video can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.