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Minuum keyboard now available for Android smartphones and tablets

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Minuum keyboard
Minuum keyboard

There's no shortage of alternative keyboards available on the Android platform, but today you have another one to choose from. Minuum, the innovative keyboard that we got a peek at back in April, is now available for anyone to download from the Google Play Store for $3.99. Originally a research project at the University of Toronto, Minuum eschews a traditional multi-row QWERTY layout for a single line of letters that you imprecisely stab at with your thumb or finger.

Though it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Minuum's intelligent algorithms can figure out what you meant to type with surprisingly few errors. The advantage is that that keyboard only takes up a fraction of the display space that a typical on-screen keyboard does, enabling you to see more of your content while you type. The company has added voice typing and a larger layout when entering URLs since the last time we saw it, so it should offer an even better typing experience now.

If your standard keyboard options aren't doing it for you, you can grab Minuum from the Play Store now. In the future, the developers of Minuum hope to apply it to other computing functions, such as smart watches, glasses, and other wearable devices.