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Good Deal: Get a PS Vita for $199 at Best Buy or Target

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PS Vita good deal
PS Vita good deal

We found the PlayStation Vita to be a top-notch portable console when it came out, with a few flaws — perhaps the biggest being its price. While Sony has stuck to its word about not dropping the Vita's price permanently in the US, you can save some money this week if you're interested: Best Buy is offering the Vita console for $199.99, $50 less than its normal price. And if you're so inclined, you can save $100 off the 3G-capable version of the Vita and get it for the same $199.99 price point as the standard model, though there are still few reasons to opt for that model. Also, only the 3G "launch" bundle is on sale — and given that the Vita launched over a year ago, stock on those launch bundles is low.

While the Vita still faces an uphill battle against competition like the Nintendo 3DS, smartphones, and tablets, Sony's still putting a lot of weight behind the console. It'll be a big part of the company's PS4 strategy, with remote play on the Vita promised for every PS4 game, and Sony is also pushing the Vita as a great platform for indie gaming. If you're looking for some games to go along with the console, there's also a combo that bundles the Vita with a year of PlayStation Plus that saves you $10 off the service. PS Plus generally has a slew of free games, so it's not a bad option to get you started... just don't forget to shell out for that memory card, as well.

Update: Target is also offering the Wi-Fi only Vita console for $199.99, but it appears that you can only get that deal if you visit a store.