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Guerrilla Disney park horror film 'Escape from Tomorrow' set for October release

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escape from tomorrow
escape from tomorrow

One of the most buzzed about pictures at this year's Sundance Film Festival was Escape from Tomorrow, a fantasy and horror film shot primarily within Disney theme parks — and without the parks' permission. Though the film premiered back in January, Variety reports that the picture will finally see a wider audience on October 11th, when it'll hit theaters and begin streaming online. The film received warm reviews after its debut, but there were worries that legal issues surrounding how the film was shot might prevent a broader release.

Though Escape from Tomorrow begins by following a man vacationing with his two daughters at a Disney theme park, the film turns surreal as he begins having visions and tracking two underage French girls. The movie reportedly takes an anti-corporate tone as well, mirroring remarks from the picture's director, Randy Moore, which chided Disney's current operations as having fallen away from the company's original vision. As a whole, the movie isn't likely to extol the types of values that the Magic Kingdom stands for, and Disney is yet to comment on its guerrilla production.