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Forebruary is the ingenious wall calendar you'll never have to replace

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Ilya Birman Forebruary
Ilya Birman Forebruary

Reinventing the paper calendar might not immediately strike you as an area fertile with possibility, but that's perhaps why Ilya Birman's Forebruary design is so captivating. Unhappy with having to throw away every year's calendar, Birman has come up with a single sheet of numbers and a weekend-denoting frame — all a user needs to do is slide the frame to the position that matches the weekly arrangement of the particular month.

It's a thoroughly minimalist design, deprived of labels and yearly specificity, meaning you can keep using a Forebruary calendar indefinitely. The only downside is that you'll still see 31 days in months that have fewer, but that's easily offset by the joy of using a truly intelligently designed piece of wall furniture. And the best part about it? It's so devastatingly simple that you can craft one up yourself.