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Chromecast: Google's second attempt to take over your TV

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Announced July 24th 2013, the Google Chromecast is a tiny streaming device that lets you push content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop straight to your TV. After Google TV failed to take off, Chromecast is the company's second attempt to put a browser on your biggest screen, and represents a major effort to compete with Apple's AirPlay. At $35, it's far more of an impulse buy than other offerings, but, in typical Google fashion, there are elements of Chromecast that are very much in beta. Official app support was limited at launch to Netflix and YouTube, with additional services available through a beta feature that lets you mirror a Chrome tab to your TV.In the days following its launch, major content providers like HBO and Hulu indicated they're working on a Chromecast strategy, developers began to discover what the device is truly capable of, and Google Play expansions hinted that a broader, international launch is imminent. You can follow all the latest news and developments right here.