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Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 handset in the works, according to leaked pictures

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BlackBerry 10 Porsche Design (
BlackBerry 10 Porsche Design (

The Porsche Design P'9981 was one of the worst phones we reviewed in 2012, thanks to a toxic combination of overpricing, poor ergonomics, and a dated OS. BlackBerry seems not to have been discouraged by that experience, however, as a Porsche Design BB10 handset has just shown up over on Vietnamese site The design is extremely similar to the P'9981, using a leather back cover and an aluminum frame around the display, while the dimensions and innards are expected to match those of the Z10. The earliest leak we ever saw of BlackBerry's new flagship phone, then codenamed London, showed a Z10 that very much resembled this Porsche Design look.

If the P'9981 track record is to be continued with this present handset, you can anticipate the price to be in the thousands of dollars, though don't expect it to arrive anytime in the immediate future. Tinhte suggests it may not be until the middle of next year that this phone is actually released, most likely with an updated version of the operating system.