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Apple offers free downloads to get you to use its retail store app

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Apple hopes it can incentivize iPhone users to download the company's mobile shopping app. The Apple Store app, which lets users shop for products online as well as set up in-store pickups, now features free promotional downloads. The first promotion is for a puzzle game called Color Zen, which typically costs 99 cents. To get the free download, you have to navigate to a specific retail store page, but you can redeem the promo even if you're not at an Apple Store. Apple has yet to detail the new program, but 9to5Mac speculates that new content (such as apps, songs, and iBooks) will be offered each week. The current promotion runs through August 27th. The offer is reminiscent of the one Starbucks has long included with its mobile app, which provides free songs each week to users, as well as the Amazon Appstore's free app of the day. By offering free content, Apple can ensure that customers check back into the Store app frequently — and see all of the company's new products.