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Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play editions receiving Android 4.3 update

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google play edition htc one galaxy s4 560
google play edition htc one galaxy s4 560

Google promised that Google Play edition phones would be receiving updates much faster than their carrier-partnered variants, and the company wasn't kidding: owners of the Play edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 are now receiving updates to Android 4.3. Verge forum member eallan and Xda-developers poster jsuresh noted that the over-the-air update was rolling out for the One earlier today, while AnandTech has confirmed it for Samsung's latest flagship as well.

It's just nine days after the Nexus line received the update, and makes a big statement about what kind of "true" Android experience owners of Play edition phones can expect moving forward. Among the new features introduced in Android 4.3 — still named Jelly Bean — are restricted user profiles, software support for Bluetooth Low Energy, and OpenGL ES 3.0 support for superior gaming experiences. Xda-developers forum member Aerys also notes that IR blaster support is included, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Overall, it's a reassuring, quick turnaround that makes the Google Play edition line that much more appealing — and the Moto X model hasn't even arrived yet.