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Comparison shopping comes to Google Glass through new app

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Sergey Brin at TED
Sergey Brin at TED

A Google Glass developer has created Crystal Shopper, an app that lets you search for the best price on a product using Glass' camera and a data connection. As Self Screens reports, Crystal Shopper starts by asking you to scan in a barcode. From the barcode, the app will discern what product you're looking at and return ratings from Amazon, along with a price range. If that all sounds familiar, that's likely because the feature set is extremely similar to Amazon's Price Check app for smartphones. The obvious benefit of Crystal Shopper, though, is you can do all of this without taking out your smartphone.

The app, much like Google Glass, is still in its early stages. It's a little laggy, and there's no way to browse reviews, look into where to buy items, or really anything beyond the basic price range and Amazon rating. The developer has integrated a couple of gestures, though, such as a quick upwards nod to add an item to a list for later viewing, or shaking your head from side to side to cancel a search. A consumer version of Google Glass is expected to ship in 2014, but if you've already got a developer edition headset you can try Crystal Shopper out by pointing your Glass here.