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Emojify transcends ASCII art, turns your photos into emoji mosaics

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Emoji; they've conquered the world, featured in novels, and more recently they've allowed us to track Twitter's mood in real time. Now, a new app for iPhone automatically generates another internet staple, ASCII art, using only emoji. Emojify lets you take photos with your phone's camera, or pull existing images from your camera roll, and replaces the pixels with emoji. Once you've selected your photo, you'll be able to control image size (ranging up to 16-megapixel files for poster-sized prints) and contrast before exporting or sharing your creation.

The quality of Emojify's output really depends on your source material. For best results, you'll want a strong subject with a plain, light background. The developers have crafted a number of examples of what's possible with the app, as seen on Designboom, drawing from famous artworks like Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Alberto Korda's iconic Che Guevera photo. Emojify is iPhone only for now, and it's available from the App Store for $0.99. Here's what we managed to achieve with our first attempt: