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'EVE Valkyrie,' an Oculus Rift dogfighting game by the makers of 'EVE Online,' coming in 2014

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Oculus Rift tech demo EVR, which wowed us at E3 with its multiplayer space dogfights, is on its way to becoming a full game. This morning, EVE Online creator CCP released a trailer for EVE Valkyrie, the new name of EVR or EVE-VR, promising a 2014 release date. The teaser below shows off the game's 360-degree virtual reality combat, which looks much like what we've seen before in EVR, and more details will be announced later this year.

EVR was originally a small project meant to explore the Oculus Rift's capabilities, but its favorable reception has spurred CCP into putting more resources into a full version. At E3, the demo was fairly small and multiplayer-only. Currently, it's not absolutely clear whether EVE Valkyrie will support non-VR play, though it seems likely — betting on a large Oculus Rift user base by next year is a risky proposition. CCP also remains equivocal about whether a single-player campaign is coming, telling IGN that "we're not ready to talk about that yet."