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Amazon 'All Access' bundles physical and digital subscriptions for Wired, Vogue, and more

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wired magazine
wired magazine

Amazon is starting to combine physical and digital copies of magazines into a single subscription for a new payment model that it's calling "All Access." Condé Nast — home to some of the best known magazines around — is the first publisher on board, and it's launching with bundled subscriptions to seven titles, including Vogue, Wired, and Vanity Fair, while the rest of the publisher's catalogue is said to be coming by the end of the year. Bundled subscriptions aren't new — even Condé Nast's own New Yorker magazine offers such a deal — but in the past they haven't been available through Amazon or presented to such a broad audience of shoppers on credit card-equipped accounts. Even if it's a move focused on putting the magazines deals in front of more shoppers, Condé Nast's new offering speaks to the increasingly common shift toward the bundled distribution model.