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Vevo's Apple TV app could arrive this week in ongoing television push

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Vevo TV - Web
Vevo TV - Web

After seeing success on Roku and Xbox, Vevo is looking at additional devices to get more eyes on its music video service. The Wall Street Journal reports that Vevo is developing an Apple TV app that may launch as soon as this week, along with a similar version for Samsung's smart TVs. Both applications will reportedly provide access to on-demand music videos and a new 24-hour-a-day channel of original content. Vevo's new TV push, with bigger plans to launch separate channels on cable TV, follows previous tablet and smartphone efforts on iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

Vevo TV launched in March as a clear move to refresh and reinvent the concept of MTV for the always online generation. The new apps are also an effort to move further away from Google's YouTube service that typically hosts Vevo content and takes a large share of the ad revenue involved. Google recently purchased a 10 percent stake in Vevo to secure its distribution status for five years, but Vevo is looking to build up loyal viewers on its own platform despite the close ties with YouTube during its continued expansion. The WSJ claims an app is also planned for Sony's PlayStation, although it's not clear if this is the upcoming PlayStation 4, existing PlayStation 3 console, or both.

New TV channels expected later this year

Vevo is also said to be expanding its TV plans with three new channels in November, and a German launch for the service this fall. One channel will reportedly focus on live music, while the other two cater for specific genres of music. Efforts to expand further beyond music videos are also said to be planned, with Vevo seeking a new investor to take a majority stake by buying some of Sony's and Universal's shares in the company.