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11-story Lego tower sets new Guinness World Record

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LEGO tower
LEGO tower

If you ever played with Lego bricks as a child (or as an adult), you've probably had the impulse at one time or another to see just how high you can stack them. An entire school district in Delaware thought the same thing and now holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest Lego tower — a massive bit of construction that tops out at 112 feet, 11.75 inches. That's 11 stories, for those keeping track. The 500,000-brick tower was built in classrooms across the district for months and then assembled into one giant structure earlier this week. To meet Guinness rules, no adhesives were used, though cranes and lifts were needed to assemble it and the tower is supported by guy-wires.

The tower was also built up around a metal cylinder, a safety precaution to keep the structure from toppling, but apparently that feature doesn't exclude it from consideration for the world record. Unfortunately for those who might want to see the tower, it'll be disassembled on Thursday and the large pieces will be distributed amongst the school district. It's also a record that could be danger of falling pretty quickly — the previous record, set by a 106-foot tower built in Prague, was only a year old. To see more of the giant Lego monument, check out the Red Clay School District's Facebook page.