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Google brings local suggestions to Glass with Field Trip app

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Field Trip Glass
Field Trip Glass

Google Glass just got a bit more useful for travel. The search company has brought its Field Trip app (designed in-house by Niantic Labs) to the headset today, bringing users small snippets of information on local sights and activities as they travel. The app first launched last year on Android (and later on iOS), and is based on the rather simple premise of using notifications to let you know about nearby attractions in several categories: architecture, historic places and events, lifestyle, offers, food and drink, cool and unique, and outdoor art. The app seems like it was made for Google Glass, and in fact, Niantic head John Hanke tells CNET that "The product was conceived with Glass in mind, but Glass wasn't ready." Google's released a video to show off the app in action, and while it may appear that the app uses the device's camera to recognize what's nearby, it's actually just based on your GPS coordinates. We've yet to try it out, but Field Trip looks to capitalize on the promise of Glass, making it quite an exciting addition to the headset's limited stable of apps. If you're an Explorer, it should be available for download now.