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Google beefs up Keep note-taking app with reminders and more

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Google Keep for Android
Google Keep for Android

Google's Keep app is one of the fastest ways to record a quick note if you are an Android user, and today the app is getting even better with built-in reminder features. Like the reminders already implemented in Google Now, Keep can be set to alert you at a specific or general time, or a location. Location suggestions pop up as soon as you start typing, and you can snooze reminders if you aren't ready to deal with the task when they go off.

In addition to reminders, Google also streamlined the tool to add images to a Keep note. Though Keep started out as a very bare bones note-taking app, Google's iterations on it are making it more and more appealing to those that are using Evernote or some other note-taking service. Keep is available for Android and Chrome, but Google has not indicated whether or not it will come to iOS at some point in the future. The update is rolling out to the Play Store now and should be available some time today.