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Google Now for Android adds cards for car rentals, concert tickets, shared commutes, and more

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Google Now widget
Google Now widget

Google Now is steadily getting more powerful, predicting all kinds of things you'd like to look up on your smartphone and collating them in one place. Now, on top of items like public transit reminders and trivia about the television programs you're currently watching, Google has just added the ability for Now to inform you about your impending car rentals, prepare your concert tickets for when you arrive at an event, and to automatically notify your family and friends when you've left work and your current commute status, and receive the same from them.

There's also updates that will "inform you about the last bus or train to home so you never miss it," real-time scores for NCAA football games, a built-in Shazam for recognizing music and news in TV shows, and a new "remind me" button in Google Search results to let you know when new albums, books, and TV episodes are ready for consumption. Google doesn't provide a timeline for iOS updates, but says that the new features are rolling out now on Google Play.