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Marvel to bring superhero-themed road show to the US next year

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'Marvel Experience' to bring theme park-attractions and 4D motion rides to 20 states in Spring 2014

comic con heroes
comic con heroes

Marvel is taking its show on the road. Today, the Disney-owned entertainment company will announce the "Marvel Experience" — a theme park-like attraction that will tour across 20 to 24 US states beginning in Spring 2014. Launched in partnership with Hero Ventures, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company, the $30 million venture will include original 3D animated movies, multimedia installations, holograph simulations, and, as its centerpiece, a "4D motion ride." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the event — described as a "first-person superhero adventure — will be held under a 50,000 square-foot dome, and will remain in each city for several days.

"A transformative, traveling destination"

"Hero Ventures is developing a themed entertainment concept that we expect will be a transformative, traveling destination that will deliver to fans and families an exciting, groundbreaking and unique experience," Sean Haran, Marvel's VP of business development, said in a statement issued Wednesday. Jeremiah "Jere" Harris, co-producer of the Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark Broadway show, has been brought on as one of the project's producers, along with Michael Cohl, former chairman of Live Nation.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there are already plans for a "sequel" tour, though the companies currently have no plans to bring the show overseas. Marvel is expected to release a list of US tour locations in the coming weeks.