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Google attempts to fix Nexus 7 multitouch issues with software update

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Nexus 7 gaming
Nexus 7 gaming

Google has released a new software update for its second-gen Nexus 7, and early reports indicate the wonky touchscreen behavior users have been complaining about is largely resolved. Googler Paul Wilcox confirms that the new Android build, JSS15Q, was pushed out specifically to fix the device's touchscreen response. Prior to today, some Nexus 7 owners were experiencing keyboard issues and bogged down performance in apps like Google Maps thanks to the touchscreen bug.

Not everyone has received the update yet, but those who have are responding positively. "I'm thrilled to report that my touchscreen is now working within a tolerable level of perfection," writes one user. "So far so good," says another. In any event, it's worth applying the update to see if it clears any issues you've been seeing. Beyond multitouch, Google still has other problems to patch up on the new Nexus 7, led by the tablet's unreliable GPS performance.