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New version of Chrome to bring new gesture controls, image search, and more to Android

New version of Chrome to bring new gesture controls, image search, and more to Android

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Google Chrome for Android is set to receive a host of notable additions. The latest beta (version 30) of the browser features redesigned gesture controls: you can now switch tabs by swiping horizontally or vertically on the toolbar. The change means you're less likely to accidentally change tabs during use, since the old gesture activated any time you pinched in from the side of the display. You'll also be able to play around with a few new tricks in web pages with the update. The beta includes support for accelerometer information so websites can know how your phone is situated, and there's also WebGL support for improved interactive graphics (compatible with devices that have similar or better specs to the Nexus 4). Experimental support for vibration controls and voice recognition are also included in the Android beta.


All of these behind-the-scenes features will have little impact on your web browsing experience today, but the tools let web developers create sites that take advantage of the new functionality in the future. As usual for these sorts of updates, there's a number of other additions, but one last notable change is that you can use Google's very helpful reverse image lookup tool on any picture on the web by long pressing (or right clicking in the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions) and clicking "search Google for this image." If you want to try out the new features before Google approves the latest version of the browser to "stable" status, you'll need to switch to the beta channel. Here's how to do so for Android, and you'll have to download the desktop browser again if you wish to switch on your primary machine.