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Apple breaks Find My iPhone iOS app for some users with latest version (update)

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Find My iPhone iOS 6
Find My iPhone iOS 6

It's rare to see Apple make this sort of mistake, but the company has just published an update to its Find My iPhone iOS app that's apparently intended only for developers. There's just one problem: the update is appearing for regular users, too. If you're a non-developer and you apply the update, you'll be unable to log into the service from your phone. The web app at still functions properly, so you can continue tracking iOS devices that way.

A new, redesigned app icon that comes with the update suggests this build of Find My iPhone was intended for iOS 7 beta testers. Backing that up is an error message that says users must have "iCloud configured on iOS 7 Beta" — software that is unavailable to consumers. For now, do yourself a favor and avoid the "update" button. We expect Apple to have things fixed up in short order.

Update: Some users are still reporting difficulties logging in, but the issue appears to be clearing up quickly for those who were affected.