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Xerox begins rolling out software fix for number replacing bug on its copiers

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Xerox Flickr: Kretyen
Xerox Flickr: Kretyen

Earlier this month, it came out that some Xerox multifunction printers had a serious bug: copied documents could have numbers changed from the original. The culprit, as you'd probably expect, was overly aggressive compression software which could convert sixes to eights, for example. Xerox says that it only happened with what it calls "stress documents," which can include tiny fonts and "stray pixels."

Fortunately, the company is already issuing a patch for a subset of the affected copiers, including the ConnectKey family and some WorkCentre models. More software patches will follow, and the company is collecting them all at a single URL: There, users can either download the patches or sign up to be contact when the patch for their model is available. Xerox says that it has "conducted extensive testing both in our labs and in the field to assure a quality result and an easy installation," but customers can also contact Xerox to get help updating their devices.