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Analog strikes back: next 'Star Wars' to be shot on film, not digital

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Star Wars logo (STOCK)
Star Wars logo (STOCK)

Director J.J. Abrams, who recently signed on to direct the next installment in the Star Wars series, has shot his movies exclusively in film — and it turns out that won't be changing any time soon. Boba Fett Fan Club reports that cinematographer Dan Mindel discussed the use of Kodak film on the set of Episode VII at an industry event in Los Angeles this week, a bold move more than a half-decade after 4K digital shooting first became practical. Episodes II and III were shot digitally, so Abrams' decision is a return to the old school — he may be looking to preserve the look and feel of the original three movies.

Shooting images on a physical roll of film is starting to feel like a ludicrous concept to most of us, but until Hollywood's hottest directors — the ones overseeing nine-figure budgets — write it off, it's certainly got some life left.