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Apple's iWork for iCloud beta now available to all

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iCloud iWork beta
iCloud iWork beta

After rolling out to developers back in July, Apple's iWork for iCloud beta is now available to anyone with an Apple ID. if you've got an Apple ID, you can head over to the regular iCloud portal, where the web apps will appear after you sign in. If you don't already have an Apple ID, you can sign up at Apple's website, but you'll have to activate iCloud on an Apple device before the web service is available.

Despite introducing updates to its iWork office suite fairly regularly, Apple has been slow to introduce a browser-based service to compete with Google Docs and Microsoft's online versions of Office. We took an early look at iWork for iCloud last month and found that, while Apple is off to a good start, it still has lots of work to catch up with its competitors. For example, none of the web apps have collaborative editing — perhaps the most useful feature of both Google and Microsoft's offerings. To try Apple's iWork for iCloud suite out for yourself, head to