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'X-Files' creator Chris Carter is developing a new show for AMC

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X-Files creator Chris Carter appears to be ready to return to the small screen — according to Vulture, Carter is currently developing a new TV series for AMC, home to popular and critically acclaimed shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Killing. The currently untitled show is in the early phases of development and sounds like it will play on themes near and dear to Carter's heart. "I think that I am treading on some of this interesting ground that Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange have uncovered for us," Carter told Vulture. He also said that the show "owes to The X-Files," though he didn't elaborate on how.

Carter's currently working on scripts, and says that they're influenced by his cable-news addiction — "not necessarily for the content but for the context." As for when this show might hit AMC, there's no timeline yet; Carter says he'll have a draft ready soon and he'll know more at that point. With Mad Men and Breaking Bad both wrapping up in the near future, we'll have to see if Carter's new show can continue the high standard of scripted drama AMC is known for.