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Funeral homes and prisons are keeping this small typewriter company alive

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Typewriter 640 stock
Typewriter 640 stock

Typewriters still have their place. In fact, one of the last manufacturers, Swintec of Bridgewater, New Jersey, sells between 3,000 to 5,000 of the decidedly low-tech devices per year. But who's buying typewriters other than nostalgic writers? The Wall Street Journal reports that funeral homes have been key to the business for years, as many states still require handwritten or typed death certificates. The laws are changing, however, to allow digitally-made copies, but Swintec's found another home for its typewriters: prisons. Specially-made clear typewriters make it hard to hide contraband, and they've been catching on around the country. Perhaps more surprisingly, sales continue to come in from corporations and individuals who have trouble filling out PDF forms and address labels on a computer. It's not big business, but as Swintec's sales manager says while likening the company's products to the age-old broom: "We're here to stay."