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Good Deal: Sony NEX-3N with 16-50mm lens for $329.99 at Adorama

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NEX 3N Good Deal
NEX 3N Good Deal

We're big fans of Sony's NEX series of cameras, and while may find the higher-end models like the NEX-6 and NEX-5R to be particularly excellent, the entry-level NEX-3N is still a solid camera. Particularly at the price point Adorama is featuring it at right now — for $329.99, you can get the 16-megapixel NEX-3N with Sony's 16-50mm power zoom lens included (you need to add the camera to your cart to see the discount). Since that lens alone is currently selling for $348 on Adorama as well as Amazon, it's like getting the camera for free. That'll get you a sensor with the same megapixels as the more expensive NEX-5R and NEX-6, though you'll lose features like the touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and more robust manual controls. It's still an NEX, though, which means you should get great images from a small package — in a lot of ways, it's the ideal camera for someone who would otherwise consider a compact camera. Unfortunately, it looks like the camera is on backorder, so you might have to wait a bit for it to show up... but at this price, it's worth waiting for.