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Nokia Lumia 925 reportedly heading to AT&T in September for $99

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Lumia 925 fatscreen 1020
Lumia 925 fatscreen 1020

Nokia's aluminum Windows Phone is allegedly heading to AT&T soon. WPCentral reports that the Lumia 925 will launch on AT&T in September for $99 on contract. The handset won't replace AT&T's existing Lumia 920, and the carrier will reportedly drop the price of the 920 to $49. Nokia's Lumia 925 originally debuted on T-Mobile in July. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans previously revealed to The Verge that the company is extending its Lumia 925 availability to more US carriers soon.

Nokia is also preparing a "Bandit" 6-inch Windows Phone that will debut in the coming months with a 1080p display and a camera that's at least 20-megapixels. Alongside it's large-screen Windows Phone plans, Nokia will also unveil a Windows RT tablet soon. The device is expected to include a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running Windows RT. Nokia has an event tentatively scheduled for September 26th in New York City, where it will detail future products.