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Casey Affleck to star in sci-fi teleportation film 'To Be Two'

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Casey Affleck - Ain't Them Bodies Saints (PUBLICITY STILL)
Casey Affleck - Ain't Them Bodies Saints (PUBLICITY STILL)

Casey Affleck is already shooting one sci-fi project in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, but he'll be reteaming with the director of Ain't Them Bodies Saints to add another genre project to his plate: To Be Two. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is an adaptation of the Paul Broks short story "To Be Two or Not to Be." It's set in a universe where teleportation to Mars is possible by digitally scanning people, rebuilding them at the atomic level, and then vaporizing the original. Complications arise when a system malfunction prevents the original subject from being destroyed.

The project will be adapted and directed by David Lowery, who most recently worked with Affleck on Saints. That romantic crime film proved Lowery to be a filmmaker with a very particular sensibility, and is just the latest example of directors with strong individual voices exploring the genre (the Reporter describes the project as being similar to Rian Johnson's Looper in tone). However, it's not likely to be Lowery's next project: he's currently signed to co-write a new version of the Disney film Pete's Dragon, and will write and direct The Old Man and the Gun.