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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has been transformed into a giant glass flower garden

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turquoise reeds
turquoise reeds

Glass blower Dale Chihuly likes oversize art and vibrant colors. "I'm obsessed with color," he says. "Never saw one I didn't like." These preferences are obvious in his new exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, "Utterly Breathtaking," an immersive experience that transforms the museum into a bright, breakable jungle. Visitors will first be greeted by The Sun, a 13-foot wide squiggly-armed glass sculpture in two aggressive shades of yellow with highlights of red. The exhibition also includes a stairway intertwined with glass flowers, a hallway of glass lilies that lead up to a bed of turquoise reeds, and a glass ceiling crowded with fantastical glass plants that has museum visitors craning their necks to the extreme. The exhibit is on display until October 20. If you can't make it to Montreal, check out the minisite created for the exhibit to see more photos and videos of Chihuly's work.