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Whole Foods is selling vinyl records now, naturally

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album record red2
album record red2

There's a stereotype about Whole Foods shoppers, and the grocery store appears happy to play to it: five of its Los Angeles locations are now stocking vinyl records on their shelves beside the organic legumes and GMO-free produce that you'd normally expect to find at the supermarket. Shoppers at those stores will see a "wide selection" of LPs, including records from Daft Punk, Bob Marley, and The Rolling Stones. The grocery store will also be selling headphones from LSTN, all of which feature earpieces lined with recycled wood.

Whole Foods isn't being shy about the fact that it's recognizing its shoppers' interests. "This launch isn't just about stocking our shelves with something new and different," Mike Bowen, an executive coordinator at Whole Foods, said in a statement. "It’s about listening to our shoppers and giving them access to the things they want — whether it’s their favorite cheese or their favorite way to enjoy music.” The vinyl sections launched August 13th, and Whole Foods — using an apparently irresistible pun — notes that this move is just a sign of it beginning to "scratch the surface of the music industry."