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The Verge Playlist: listen to the alleged 'Grand Theft Auto V' soundtrack

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GTA V trunk
GTA V trunk

Music has been a big part of the Grand Theft Auto series ever since Rockstar had the bright idea of filling virtual radio stations with licensed soundtracks — and it appears we've gotten an early look at the next instalment. Sony says that the digital pre-order version of GTA V in Europe, which could be downloaded to PlayStation 3 systems ahead of release to avoid long wait times on launch day, contained assets relating to unannounced details of the anticipated game. The pre-order file is no longer available for download.

Users on, however, are sifting through the contents of that file, which allegedly includes a 42-hour audio file of every single radio station in GTA V. Much of the supposed soundtrack has been collated in a Reddit thread by user BankerShanker, and we've assembled as many tracks as possible into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. If the list does indeed turn out to be part of the official GTA V soundtrack, you can look forward to conducting car chases to the likes of NWA, Aphex Twin, and Black Flag come the game's release on September 17th.