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There's a tiny coach in your basketball

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Evo One Basketball
Evo One Basketball

There are tons of gadgets to help golfers develop the perfect swing, but it’s hard to apply the same unobtrusive training tools to other sports. Evo One, though, is the counterpoint — it's a Kickstarter project that puts a tiny coach inside a basketball to help players improve their game. A small gyroscopic sensor detects backspin and emits a whistle when the ball is shot correctly, allowing players to make corrections as they play.

The actual "coach" part of the ball is a thumb-sized device that slips into a small hole in a modified basketball. The ball still maintains regulation size and weight even with the sensor, so it's no different than shooting hoops with a standard basketball.

The Evo One isn't yet a reality — the Kickstarter project has raised a little under half the $45,000 goal — but has until September 18th to reach the full amount.