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Eric Schmidt calls Oracle CEO's claims about Google 'simply untrue'

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eric schmidt stock
eric schmidt stock

Eric Schmidt's seen fit to respond to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's incendiary anti-Google comments. Specifically, the executive chairman challenges Ellison's claim that Google "took [Oracle’s] stuff" through its use of Java in Android. Ellison said Google (and CEO Larry Page) acted "absolutely evil" with regards to the $6 billion Java legal battle, which Oracle ultimately lost. Schmidt responds today that Ellison's claims are "simply untrue" in a public post on Google+, explaining that the court's ruling in Google's favor "protects a principle vital to innovation: you cannot copyright an idea, like a method of operation." The argument will likely do little to convince Ellison (he clearly remains unhappy with the jury's decision that Google didn't infringe any patents), and Schmidt clearly still has some strong feelings on the subject, ending his note by saying "I had the privilege, thanks to Oracle, of testifying in this trial."