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GIF Hell showcases Twitter's trending animations in real time

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There's already a way to keep track of the most popular emoji being used across Twitter, and now a similar formula is being applied to the world of animated GIFs. .GIF Hell aggregates "trending" GIFs as they pop up and are retweeted by Twitter's millions of users. The simplistic web tool, put together by developer (and Redditor) Adam Wentz, lets you organize displayed results by "all time" popularity or by a more random "currently popular" ranking. Whereas the all time list is fairly static — GIFs of Justin Bieber and last night's MTV Video Music Awards are dominating the site — the latter offers up a bit more variety. .GIF Hell has been live on the web for just under 24 hours, though it already lists 103,490 "popular" GIFs on its homepage. That number is sure to climb exponentially, so assuming the project stays alive (and that Twitter doesn't eventually break its functionality), it's a worthy add to your bookmarks bar. But in the interest of productivity, it may be best to avoid the temptation at work.

Note: As some of you have noticed, a small portion of the trending GIFs are in NSFW territory.