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Siri just started a beef with Google Glass

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Siri beefs with Google Glass
Siri beefs with Google Glass

Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri has been known to have a quirky personality for a long time, offering off the cuff responses to a variety of unconventional requests. Now it appears that Siri is eager to take some jabs at Google Glass, as it responds with subtle and not-so-subtle putdowns on the product when you use the "Okay Glass" command. Siri's snark is worn on its sleeve when it fires back with quips such as "I think that Glass is half empty," or asks you to stop strapping your iPhone to your forehead because it "simply won't work." Responses are seen in iOS 6, though apparently the beta of iOS 7 offers even more Glass-related comebacks. You can see a few of Siri's reactions in the gallery below.