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Facebook's Wall Street resurgence continues as stock climbs past $41

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Facebook Nasdaq NYC Stock
Facebook Nasdaq NYC Stock

It took Facebook an entire year to make a Wall Street recovery after its botched IPO. But the social network's share price is doing more than merely rebounding. It's rising higher than ever before: the stock hit above the $41 mark for the first time today. That marks a new all-time high as investors continue to react positively to Facebook's enormous success among mobile users. As Quartz points out, it also stands as a rare win for Wall Street analysts, many of whom predicted the stock's resurgence earlier this summer and urged market watchers to buy while the getting was good. Convincing investors that there's still plenty of room for new growth is paramount if Facebook hopes to see this trend carry on. So far, it's done that through continued (if sometimes minor) product innovation, with a long-rumored move into video ads also in the mix.