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Logitech's latest wireless gaming mouse runs for 125 hours on a single AA battery

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Gallery Photo: Logitech G602 pictures
Gallery Photo: Logitech G602 pictures

How many buttons does a gaming mouse really need? Who needs an 8200 dpi sensor, anyways? With Logitech's first new gaming mouse in a while, the Logitech G602, it's all about the batteries. Certainly, the $79.99 peripheral has 11 fully programmable buttons, the chassis feels well-sculpted to the hand, and its 2500dpi optical sensor feels precise in the palm. But the exciting part of the G602 is that it's a wireless mouse, one that Logitech claims can last far longer than any other wireless gaming mouse on the market.

With a pair of AA batteries in full performance mode, the company claims it can run for 250 hours on a charge, or switch over to an "endurance" mode for over 1,400 hours of runtime. (Compare to our current favorite wireless gaming mouse, the Razer Mamba, which ekes out 16 hours.) You can even remove one of the two cells if the combined coppertop weight slows you down (since the mouse requires only 1.5 volts to run) and still get a full 125 hours of play.

Logitech's Todd Walker concedes that the mouse's 500Hz report rate (compared to 1000Hz in top-tier mice) and 2500dpi sensor might not attract gamers looking for every last iota of competitive advantage in certain twitch games, but says those numbers are too often overrated. The G602 sounds like it could be unparalleled in terms of convenience. Logitech says the G602 should be available online this month, and on store shelves in September.