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Sony teases new flagship smartphone for September 4th

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Honami teaser
Honami teaser

"The best of Sony is about to get even better." That's the promise the resurgent manufacturer is making in a new teaser advertisement. The ad shows close-ups of a phone that looks very similar to the Sony Xperia Z, which was marketed as "the best of Sony in a smartphone," before promising a reveal at its September 4th event during the annual IFA conference in Berlin. A tweet from Sony's Xperia Twitter account plays to expectations that the phone will be called the Xperia Z1.

It's been rumored that Sony is working on an update to its Xperia Z smartphone, codenamed "Honami," for some time. The focal point of the new phone is thought to be a 20-megapixel camera sensor, which Sony hopes will help it compete against other camera-focused handsets like Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia's Lumia 1020. After multiple leaks, Sony also looks certain to launch a series of high-end camera attachments at the same event. The so-called "lens cameras" will reportedly attach to any Android or iOS smartphone, transforming it into a high-end point-and-shoot camera. We'll be bringing you live coverage from Sony's event in Berlin next week, so stay tuned for further details.