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Amazon Studios children's show promotes young gadget inventors

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Amazon is continuing its push into children's programming with a new original pilot that looks to capitalize on the popularity of DIY / maker culture. Maker Shack Agency will follow three teenage inventors in Ohio who use science and technology to solve the problems of their clients.The main character's motto is said to be "fail forward," a classic "if at first you don't succeed" attitude that sounds like it'll fit the experimental nature of the show — and might mean the protagonists' experiments have mixed results. It's a bit of a departure from the previous kid's shows that Amazon has announced. it sounds like it'll focus on a slightly older audience than previous Amazon children's programming, which includes shows from the Jim Henson Company as well as the creator of Blue's Clues.

While Amazon has officially given the go-ahead for a Maker Shack Agency pilot, there's no indication of when the show will actually how up on Amazon Instant Video. However, three other children's programs are set to debut later this year and in early 2014 after their pilots were voted on by watchers earlier this year. Given the timeline for previous Amazon Studios shows, we should see this new kid-focused take on maker culture before very long.