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Apple TV gets new apps for Vevo, Disney, and The Weather Channel

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Vevo apple tv
Vevo apple tv

Apple today released a handful of new apps for its Apple TV set-top box. As has been rumored for some time, Vevo is among the new additions; a just-launched app lets viewers stream from a library of 75,000 music videos in high definition and on demand. Vevo says the "intuitive and efficient" app was produced with direct involvement from Apple, and that the music videos you'll see are "specially tuned for TV viewing." A number of discoverability options are built in; there's a featured section for popular videos, and Vevo users also get access to any playlists they've set up previously. And if you just want to use the app for some background music, Vevo TV plays a curated selection of music videos nonstop.

Apple TV now includes a weather app thanks to The Weather Channel. Like its offering on iOS, the app displays local conditions and forecasts for any number of places you've chosen. A Smithsonian Channel app has also arrived with today's update. Both it and a new channel from Disney let users watch full-length TV shows once they've authenticated through a cable provider — much in the way HBO Go works. The new Apple TV software should automatically appear among your existing apps on the home screen.