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Time Warner Cable customers can now stream live TV on Xbox 360

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TWC TV 360
TWC TV 360

If you're a Time Warner Cable customer, your Xbox 360 can now double as a cable box. After promising to bring live programming to Microsoft's console in June, Time Warner Cable is today making good on its word. The TWC TV app will let you watch up to 300 channels; specific availability will vary depending on what's included in your cable package. You can even see what your Xbox Live friends are watching assuming they're also TWC subscribers. Sadly Time Warner Cable's video-on-demand offerings aren't part of the app just yet, but the company says it's working with Microsoft to add that functionality in the future. With today's release, Time Warner Cable joins Verizon and Comcast as TV partners that have embraced Microsoft's console. Microsoft's focus on the living room is set to grow even larger with the impending release of Xbox One.