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'The Walking Dead' is coming to Ouya later this year

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The Walking Dead Clementine screencap
The Walking Dead Clementine screencap

The Ouya isn't exactly awash in high profile games, but at least one will be hitting the device later this year — Telltale Games has announced that it's bringing The Walking Dead to the fledgling microconsole. The series originally launched in 2012, and is already available on a huge range of platforms, including most recently the PS Vita. The Ouya version, meanwhile, won't be arriving until sometime this winter. The release will include the entire first season as well as the excellent bonus episode "400 Days," and Telltale says that the first episode will be available entirely free of charge. The upcoming second season of the zombie series will also be making its way to Ouya owners at some point as well, though whether it will be as delayed as the first remains unclear.