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Moto X phones can now be ordered direct from Moto Maker

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Moto X 1024
Moto X 1024

When Motorola and AT&T launched the Moto X last Friday, one element of the order process was far from streamlined: you had to head into an AT&T store, purchase a credit for the phone, and then head back to your own computer to design it and complete the order through the Moto Maker website. That's not the case anymore, as Motorola enabled online ordering today, allowing the entire purchase and design process to be completed in one location. Alongside the upgrade to Moto Maker, Motorola has also begun selling the Moto X off-contract on AT&T for $579 — it'll hit its second carrier, Verizon, this Thursday.

Update: This article previously noted that the off-contract model was also unlocked, but it is in fact still tied to AT&T. An unlocked developer edition is still slated for a later date.