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Yahoo's extreme makeover continues with redesigned Sports, Weather, and Games sites

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Yahoo Sports aug 2013 redesign
Yahoo Sports aug 2013 redesign

Yahoo isn't ready to settle on a new logo just yet, but on Tuesday the company moved forward with its ongoing rebuilding effort by introducing redesigned Yahoo Sports, Weather, and Games websites. In addition, the firm refreshed the look of its Yahoo Movies, Music, TV, and OMG sites. The new look, which will roll out to users gradually over the next few days, brings the sites closer in step with one another aesthetically.

Whereas the old designs looked a bit cluttered and aged, the seven sites now offer a consistent language that takes some cues from Yahoo's mobile Weather app. The overall vibe is a bit simpler, but still familiar enough that it won't alienate current users. While each site presents largely the same information as before, they are all more attractive and less overwhelming.

Yahoo Weather redesign

The design sweep comes as part of a project CEO Marissa Mayer told Vogue is known internally as "Grand Slam." The effort, Mayer says, aims to deliver a more personalized and polished product lineup. But advertising is still largely what pays the bills, and Yahoo is promising that a greater number of more immersive ads are on the way.