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Leave your bus glove at home with Rail Reach concept

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Rail Reach Kickstarter
Rail Reach Kickstarter

Public transport isn't always the cleanest of places. With hygiene concerns leading many to wear gloves to protect themselves from free-riding bacteria, designer Justin Choy believes he has found a better solution. The Rail Reach attaches to any hand rail, letting you hold on without having to touch the rail with your bare hands. In addition to the hygiene benefits, it also lets you reach high-up rails that would otherwise be out of your grasp.

The basic design is simple and tidy, and there's some nice attention to detail. The handle is made from washable plastics and has rubberized grips at both ends — one for your hand and the other to stop the handle from sliding on the rail. It's also very light (it weighs about the same as a pack of gum), and folds in half to fit into most bags. Choy is currently looking to fund his compact handle through Kickstarter, offering the Rail Reach in two sizes for $10 or $15. There's also a version for $20 that has a mirror attachment, and a $100 option finished in chrome. For the project to be successful, it'll have to reach its $35,000 goal by September 17th.